Benefits of CBD oil

Seniors and veterans seeking the healing benefits of CBD and medical marijuana products find the compassion and help they need at the Community Cannabis Center in Del Ray, Florida

Veterans and Seniors seeking relief for chronic pain or anxiety and depression can take advantage of products and professional guidance offered at Community Cannabis Center in Florida.

  • The Florida Compassionate Use program established in 2014 started as a legal system for doctors to prescribe low-THC cannabis to those suffering from epilepsy.
  • Since then, the Compassionate Use Act has opened the door to patients with a wider variety of conditions which may be alleviated with the use of medical marijuana

Seniors over 65 are offered professional advice and care at the Community Cannabis Center as well as a 20% discount on initial consultations.

  • Cannabis and Cannabis oil have demonstrated positive effects on common ailments experienced during the process of aging such as arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, loss of appetite, etc. Traditional chemical prescriptions are often accompanied by long term side effects which offset the benefits of taking the medication in the first place. In some cases, CBD oil and other medical marijuana products are able to replace these prescription medications with none of the unpleasant side effects.
  • The Community Cannabis Center has a medical professional on staff available to address the questions of interested senior citizens for 20% off the consultation price. The CCC offers education on what it means to use cannabis products for their healing properties. While many adults are under the impression cannabis must be smoked, the CCC will walk clients through the various edible and tincture options to receive the healing properties of the marijuana plants without the need to smoke it.

Veterans seeking the health benefits of CBD and medical marijuana will find more than herbal medicine to help with life following service at the Community Cannabis Center.

    • The CCC was founded by two men who are sons of veterans and intimately aware of the unique stress of returning to civilian life. Often veterans experiencing pain are prescribed highly addictive opioid painkillers that then becomes a problem itself. The founders are committed to doing more for men and women who have served than simply offering a prescription for medical marijuana.
    • Partnered with ABC Biz Supply, Operation 120, and Vet Power Industries, the CCC is dedicated to playing its part in the recovery of veterans and going the extra mile to offer the expertise of their partners in education, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities designed specifically for veterans. The CCC has developed a comprehensive program with Vet Powers offering a holistic approach to what veterans face in the modern world. The CCC partnership with these specialized veteran organizations makes it possible to offer a 25% military discount on all appointments and CBD products.

Contact the Community Cannabis Center in Delray Beach, Florida to learn more about discounts on CBD oil and marijuana products for seniors and veterans.

Talk to professionals who have the interests of their patients at heart. If the CCC program is not a good fit for any senior or veteran, the CCC will do its utmost to point patients in need in the right direction to find the best treatment for their individual situation. Make an appointment online at or visit the CCC, located at 5341 West Atlantic Ave, Ste. 306, Delray Beach, FL 33484. One may also call (561) 270-4040 or send an e-mail to [email protected] for more information.