How Steve Bate’s fight with cancer using CBD and cannabis inspired him to build the Community Cannabis Center in Florida

Chances are good you’ve heard of the numerous health benefits of CBD and cannabis in its various forms. From Alzheimer’s to Zinc deficiency, it is extremely likely you or someone you know is currently suffering from more than one symptom which can be eased by CBD and other components of hemp and marijuana.

While CBD and its benefits are wide-ranging, what is written on the subject can make it intimidating to know who to trust, what medical advice to follow, and what products ensure the highest quality.

In a field so relatively new and potentially rife with misinformation, it helps to have a guide when handling matters so personal and closely linked to one’s own health and the health of loved ones. This article aims to provide a helpful hand leading the way through this potentially confusing topic. Among the best examples of what CBD can do for one’s health is the story of Steve Bate, President and founder of the Community Cannabis Center.

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Steve Bate needed a miracle after hearing the world-shattering news no one wants to hear: He was diagnosed with cancer.

Instead of panicking or blindly following established medical protocol not tailored to the individual, Steve set out on a path which he hopes will ultimately help others. His experiences led him to serving as a beacon to those most vulnerable, through exploring the life-changing effects of CBD.

Steve’s mission is informed by his experience as the son of a disabled veteran. He has continued to embrace this experience and all it had to offer him in his upbringing. It enabled him to pursue his own higher education and dreams with the help of a partial scholarship as the child of a disabled Veteran at Indiana University from which he graduated in 1983. He has incorporated this dedication to American Vets into his new mission and expanded his CBD-inspired outreach to help Veterans in need.

After his college graduation, Steve Bate began his career in cause-driven politics. His first on-ground experience with a political campaign involved assisting lead Congressman Frank McCloskey in an ultimately successful campaign in a complex and tense Congressional race during one of this nation’s most anxiety-ridden political eras. Steve served as the lead in organizing Congressman McCloskey’s campaign and it paid off: this valuable experience at such a young age helped Steve land a position as a legislative assistant in the 98th Congress, overseeing projects as varied as those involving the United States Postal Service, the Armed Services Committee, and even the Small Business Administration.

Steve Bate’s experience in political leadership prepared him to enter the controversial terrain of demonstrating the benefits of CBD oil for numerous illnesses.

Shortly thereafter, Steve Bate was able to use his political experience to expand his repertoire as an official liaison with the White House during Reagan’s two terms as President. He did so representing the eighth district of Indiana, though, never forgetting his roots and always prioritizing helping his hometown. While this political experience served to greatly expand his horizons, Steve Bate was about to embark on a professional career to further his technical knowledge and business leadership skills to even greater heights.

Steve’s next professional endeavor was to walk the talk, so to speak: he worked to help small business owners for years and witnessed firsthand the importance of good communication when developing and leading a successful organization. It is only fitting he chose to develop this nation’s very first network of cellular phones specifically designed for the American Trucking Association. With their needs and priorities in mind, Steve Bate designed a cellular network to aid the industry’s bottom line, overall efficiency and, quite simply, their daily quality of life. Steve understood how, when it comes to getting a job done well and getting quality results, happiness and efficient expenditure of energy are essential.

After developing the industry standard for cellular communication within the trucking industry, he proceeded to spend more than two decades founding and developing nine of the top information technology firms in the world. Steve is uniquely qualified to be an industry leader and is eager to help educate individuals in this emerging field of research.

Part of what qualifies Steve Bate in the role he is most grateful for, that of spokesperson for CBD oil and its therapeutic properties, is attributed to his background in leadership.

As a survivor of multiple cancers, he now feels it is both a responsibility and a privilege to share his experiences and help educate both the general populace and those who may have already received a cancer diagnosis. He teaches how people can best incorporate CBD and cannabis into their everyday health plan.

Steve Bate is a survivor of both Stage IV Mantle Cell Lymphoma and B-Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Part of what makes his story and his perspective so extraordinary is Stage IV Mantle Cell Lymphoma is often, unfortunately, thought of as a certain death sentence. The high incidences of mortality are attributed to various factors including how many who receive an MCL prognosis often are unaware of their condition until they are already in Stage IV. While earlier stages of MCL have had fair to good results with aggressive treatment strategies, Stage IV presents a unique challenge and is often treatment-resistant.

Despite this grim outlook, Steve Bate armed himself with knowledge and began researching the therapeutic potential of CBD oil supplementation.

Alongside chemotherapy, he started a regimen of RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) CBD oil and observed a positive change. Treatments for late stages of this type of cancer are often accompanied by overwhelming side effects. Prepared as he was to handle them, Steve quickly found his daily ingesting of high-quality CBD oil resulted in his experiencing virtually no side effects whatsoever.

One remarkable anecdote from Steve Bate’s experience in cancer recovery demonstrates the impressive benefits of CBD supplementation during chemotherapy:

Steve Bate was staying in a hotel near the hospital where he was awaiting his next round of treatment. The hotel office called up to his room and offered him free meals and room service. Steve was moved and flattered; he began thankfully placing his order when he was quickly interrupted by the hotel staff on the phone. They inquired about how many people he had with him and asked if he was trying to take advantage of the offer in order to feed them.

Taken aback, he replied he was only ordering for himself as he was in his hotel room alone.

Apparently, the hotel had grown accustomed to chemotherapy patients requesting relatively little from their complimentary room service as their nausea and decreased appetites tend to prevent them from enjoying meals throughout each stage of treatment.

The hotel even went so far as to request Mr. Bate remove a hard-boiled egg from his order as they could not abide multiple entrees for one guest. When Steve asked in shock if they were implying a hard-boiled egg was an entree, the hotel staff responded, for most chemotherapy patients, it indeed was.

Clearly RSO oil and CBD oil with terpenes have medicinal properties of great magnitude as evidence by the most current science and personal anecdotes like these.

Steve Bate attributes this experience and the effectiveness of his complete treatment program to the power of CBD oil and the full spectrum of medicinal compounds found in cannabis.

While many studies have proven the extent of all medical marijuana and hemp have to offer those going through various health ailments and ongoing conditions, seeing it in action is something entirely different. Mr. Bate felt the difference throughout his body and it reflected in his mental well-being and resilience. Thanks to his approach to cannabis and its natural compounds as sound medicine, he now knows firsthand how to help those afflicted with cancer and looking for a more natural and effective form of whole-patient treatment.

While the elimination of side effects like nausea, vomiting, and weight loss during chemotherapy may seem quite shocking, the properties of CBD and dozens of other non-psychoactive compounds found in cannabis can at times seem nearly too good to be true. But, the fact of the matter is, sadly, many have missed out on the full array of cannabis’ medicinal qualities for so long, the truth can seem even stranger than fiction in this relatively new field. The benefits of CBD are far too long to list.

Today, Steve Bate resides in Florida and serves as one of the founding members of the Community Cannabis Center in Delray Beach, Florida.

Though still in its infancy as an organization, the Community Cannabis Center has managed to become a leader in Southern Florida when it comes to education about medical marijuana and its specific benefits for at-risk populations like Veterans, senior citizens, and cancer patients.

The State of Florida has the highest rate of veteran suicide in the country. CBD and cannabis are potentially highly effective for treating PTSD and may be a tool to help prevent these tragedies.

CBD has greatly increased the likelihood of weaning off from addictive substances such as opiates and narcotics. This breakthrough finding in the usage of CBD and cannabisis consistent with Steve’s experience in addressing his chemotherapy symptoms.

As President and founder of the Community Cannabis Center, Steve prides himself on providing only the highest quality medicine and cannabis-derived products. With the Center’s focus on high-CBD-content health supplements, perhaps the best part of the CCC is one does not need a medical marijuana card or prescription to browse or purchase what they have to offer. The CCC aims to make thebenefits of CBD available to all. In an effort to bring this life-changing medicine to those who need it most, the CCC created an active outreach program for Veterans.

Steve Bate and his co-founder, Dr. Mitchell Davis (voted one of the “Top Doctors” in Florida), have positioned themselves to be the go-to resource for senior citizens looking to explore the world of medical marijuana and its associated therapeutic effects.

The Community Cannabis Center specializes in medical cannabis relying on increased efficacy through The Entourage Effect. This is the same effect referred to when people speak on the importance of getting vitamins and minerals from natural, whole foods versus an over-the-counter supplement containing an inferior form of those same vitamins or minerals. When CBD is present in its natural form, with trace elements of the hundreds of other beneficial compounds found in cannabis and with plant terpenes, the healing effects are greatly multiplied.

Terpenes are found in the essential oils of plants and they are responsible for the associated smells and tastes of said plants. It has been proven in studies how even just the presence of the smells and tastes of a particular herb can greatly enhance its medicinal properties. Nearly the entire field of aromatherapy is founded on this simple but proven principle.

The Community Cannabis Center offers in-house consultations and appointments with Dr. Mitchell Davis.

With a medical professional on staff, the CCC is able to offer products containing more than trace levels of THC which is the only psychoactive component of cannabis. THC unlocks many potentially life-saving qualities of medical cannabis.

Through funding of non-profits for Veterans with PTSD, affordability and accessibility for senior citizens, and first-hand experience with treating opioid addiction with CBD supplementation, Steve Bate and Dr. Mitchell Davis can offer the guidance needed to best treat any potential medical concerns and to give access to medicine which will help people feel better long-term.

Dr. Mitchell Davis, the co-founder of the Community Cannabis Center has seen for himself the benefits of CBD and medical marijuana.

As someone who used to treat professional athletes, Dr. Davis studied how CBD acts directly on pain receptors and the entire nervous system to decrease physical discomfort and minimize the permanent risks associated with concussions. He has witnessed the increased efficacy of those undergoing hyperbaric chamber therapy and supplementing with CBD and cannabis products.

Dr. Mitchell Davis answers questions and offers assistance regarding medical cannabis needs in Delray Beach, Wellington, and Palm Beach Gardens.

If one is in need of a cannabis counselor in Florida or simply a trustworthy guide through Florida’s medical marijuana program, Steve Bate and Dr. Mitchell Davis are the go-to resource for information, for high quality CBD products, and for the best medical advice on the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes.

If you are a member of the Compassionate Care Registry or have a Medical Cannabis Identification Card, Steve Bate and Dr. Mitchell Davis can walk you through the best treatment options for your specific medical conditions and needs. Their mission is to be the gold standard for medical marijuana treatment in Delray Beach and southern Florida while educating patients and the general populace about cannabinoids and their many uses. Since the passing of Amendment 2 in 2016 (also known as the Florida Medical Marijuana Legislation Initiative), patients are able to become card-carrying members of the compassionate care registry – thereby allowing them to get the cannabis-based treatment they may urgently require for a variety of serious health ailments.

Steve Bate and Dr. Mitchell Davis want to lead the way in helping more people than ever get the medicine their endocannabinoid system (ECS) may require for optimal health.

The endocannabinoid system is an innate part of every human’s physiology. There are many well-founded and convincing arguments to be made in support of cannabinoid-based therapy due to this fact. After all, if one considers every person has a functioning endocannabinoid system and, to take it one step further, every person’s brain and body produce naturally occurring cannabinoids, then it stands to reason cannabinoid supplementation is not only perfectly natural and extremely valuable, but, in many cases, vital and essential.

Additionally, veterans and senior citizens alike, as well as at-risk youth, may have limitless gains to experience from even low-level CBD intake.

An ECS in homeostasis can potentially resolve and offer ongoing relief from a multitude of coexisting problems. Studies have shown the positive and balancing effects on mood medical cannabis can offer which, in turn, can have compounding effects on a patient’s recovery and progress.

Steve Bate and Dr. Mitchell Davis strive to offer the highest quality line of products available and to offer options best suited for any potential patient.

With this in mind, their lineup of medicinal products focuses on terpene-rich, full-spectrum oils, extracts, and edibles. The reason for this is the scientific validity of The Entourage Effect. It has been proven CBD and THC, even at very low-doses, can be hugely effective, rendering noticeable results when derived from a full-spectrum source.

A potentially helpful and insightful way to think of The Entourage Effect is to compare it to a person’s Vitamin D levels. If one is deficient in Vitamin D, it stands to reason, the most therapeutic course of action is to go outside in the sunlight more often, supplement with a high-quality, liposomal (easily absorbed) form of Vitamin D, and to engage in regular light therapy. The same concept applies to the ECS. If a person is experiencing an endocannabinoid deficiency, they stand much more to gain from a high-quality, full-spectrum form of medical cannabis than they do from a pharmaceutical approximation of one or two of the plant’s medicinal compounds.

While there are many isolates on the market claiming to offer the utmost in potency and value, all too frequently the truth is, for many, these supplements will be far less therapeutic and efficient for those taking them.

CBD and THC (as well as cannabis’ countless other beneficial compounds) have been shown to magnify and balance each other’s positive effects when taken together.

If the “high” associated with THC is something a patient is hoping to avoid for any number of reasons, this is no reason to worry. There are still many potent, full-spectrum, CBD-rich supplements offering the full benefits of medical cannabis while maintaining a minimal amount of THC. In these trace levels, a patient can expect to experience virtually no symptoms or side effects commonly associated with higher THC content.

The Community Cannabis Center in Delray Beach has Veterans’ and Seniors’ discounts launching soon as well as a Rick Simpson’s type CBD oil in development.

The Community Cannabis Center has a special CBD oil blend in development which will render similar potent effects to that of the Rick Simpson’s oil. The oil makes use of the entire plant; and helpful terpenes without the presence of THC.

Even more particular to the benefits of visiting the Community Cannabis Center are specialized counselors on staff who meet with patients to discuss the best strains to address each individual issue. The Community Cannabis Center counselors are compassionate, trained professionals dedicated to improving quality of life for those suffering from conditions which can be positively impacted through use of CBD oil. The CCC funds non-profit programs for veterans with PTSD in addition to specializing in CBD treatment for a variety of medical conditions.

Seniors and veterans attending the CCC have experienced notable improvements using CBD oil for various health issues including dietary troubles and diabetes. The best results derive from the wholistic approach the CCC takes to health with the added benefits of high quality CBD products.

If one is looking for the best in cannabis dispensaries or medical marijuana clinics in and around Delray Beach, Wellington, or Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, the Community Cannabis Center has quickly established itself and its combined medical expertise as the first consideration.

Steve Bate and Dr. Mitchell Davis can offer their resources, medical knowledge, and top-of-the-line medical cannabis products to anyone in Florida with a medical marijuana card.  All of their CBD products are available to anyone, with or without registration, under the Compassionate Use Registry. With market growth of $1.6 billion a year expected by 2020 in the state of Florida, the Community Cannabis Center offers patients a safe space for all things related to medical cannabis and its benefits.

Learn more about Steve Bate, Dr. Mitchell Davis, and the Community Cannabis Center online at or call 561-270-4040. Visit 5341 West Atlantic Avenue, Suite 306 in Delray Beach or e-mail directly [email protected] for more information.